IMF-WB counter-summit: logistical note

Logistical Note

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National coordination of the social movements’ counter-summit to the IMF-WB Annual Meetings in Marrakech

Logistical note

Date of counter-summit: October 12-15, 2023

  1. Venues for the counter-summit
Capacity Public room Private room
Large hall 600 people 300 people
Hall for workshops : workshop 1, workshop 2, workshop 3 200 people (3 workshops x 70 people) 100 people (3 workshops x 33 people)
Room for workshop 4 50 20
Room for workshop 5 40 50
Room for workshop 6 30 40
Room for workshop 7 40
Room for workshop 8 20
TOTAL Large room: 600 people Large room: 300 people
6 workshops: 320 people 8 workshops: 270 people

The distance between the two venues is approximately 6 km.

2- Accommodation

Hotels and Riads in Marrakech are starting to fill up. It is therefore advisable to make reservations as soon as possible by internet or by direct contact with the establishments. You can also contact the Marrakech counter-summit logistics team for bookings or further information.

Here is a list of hotels and Riads close to the two venues :

3- Visas

4- Workshop and conference registration

Please register your workshops and conferences before August 31, 2023 at the following link :

For further information or questions, please contact :

By Email:

WattsApp :

 +212616942762  Siman

 +212674116524   Zouhair

  +212677298207  Jalal

Logistics preparation team for the counter-summit in Marrakech

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